You can help keep children safe from harm when you give a monthly donation to ActionAid.

Around the world, millions of children have nowhere to call home. With no one to care for them, little children are forced to sleep in dark alleyways or on dangerous railway platforms.

Alone and scared, these children live with the constant fear of cruelty at the hands of strangers. Young girls in particular are at risk of violence and exploitation when they live on the streets. It’s a terrifying existence.

ActionAid is working to keep these forgotten girls and boys safe - and you can help. 

Just £7 a month could make sure a child has somewhere safe to sleep. Not just tonight, but every night.

Set up your monthly gift to help us keep homeless children safe.

How your donation makes a difference

Your gift can help keep children safe from harm

Donation value

£10 per month

to help ActionAid set up safe spaces to get more children off the streets

£7 per month

to help ActionAid give a homeless child a safe place to sleep

£3 per month

to help ActionAid provide nourishing food for a homeless child

Or choose your own amount to give

per month

Your donation could help protect forgotten children in Bangladesh.


How ActionAid is helping to protect homeless children

ActionAid is creating safe spaces for forgotten children, providing nourishing food and somewhere warm to sleep.

Our local staff work hard to make sure that every child they reach grows up safe, happy and protected. A small monthly donation from you will help change the lives of homeless children around the world

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About ActionAid

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty. We put women and girls at the centre of our work across 45 countries. Because whether it’s the result of being displaced by war, recovering from the aftermath of an earthquake, or simply being born into a deprived community, women and girls are the most affected by poverty.

So we make sure girls go to and stay in school, we work with communities to end gender-based violence, and we train women in the skills they need to earn a living.

Almost all of the people and partners who run our programmes are from the countries and communities where we work. This means our dedicated local staff see day-to-day how poverty affects people’s lives, and are uniquely placed to give a voice to the women and girls who suffer the most. We are ending violence and fighting poverty so that all women, everywhere, can create the future they want.

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How we use the money you donate: pie chart

How we use the money you give us

For every £1 we spend:

67p is spent on humanitarian and development programmes and strengthening our global federation

19p is spent on fundraising

11p is spent on support costs (running the organisation)

3p is spent on campaigning for change

These figures are taken from our expenditure in 2021

We’re committed to keeping our supporters happy and being open and honest about how we fundraise. To find out more you can read our supporter promise.

Top image: Eight-year-old Aniker stands in an alleyway in Lalbagh slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sharon Lovell

Page updated 9 March 2022