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Community Campaigning

What we work on 

What will I do as a Community Campaigner?

Community Campaigners are all different, so we contribute to the network in different ways that work for us. You can take on tasks that play to your strengths or take on opportunities to develop new skills.

  • Join a workshop to enhance your campaigning skills and organise creative campaign actions.

  • Write for our newsletter, zine or the ActionAid blog.

  • Hear from guest speakers and plan activities through our working groups like Climate and Gender Justice or Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.

  • Lobby your MP in person or join an ActionAid parliamentary event.

  • Access resources on feminist leadership, systems change and challenging the patriarchy. 

As a Community Campaigner you’ll also champion our Feminist Behaviours and reject all forms of violence, hate, stigma and discrimination. We are committed to anti-racism and trans-inclusion.    

Winning change can be a gradual process, but the sheer dedication, commitment and persistence from Community Campaigners is a small step towards creating a world where everyone can make meaningful choices about their lives, their own bodies and live free from violence – and you can be part of it!  

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 Three steps to becoming a Community Campaigner

  • 1

    Read the role description and fill out the form.

    Join us

  • 2

    Have a call with the ActionAid Community Organising lead. 

  • 3

    Join your first Zoom call and meet the network!

Building Power

We want to see an end to the social and economic structures that prevent women and girls around the world from claiming their rights. 

During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Community Campaigners met with MPs and promoted ‘Building power together: a girl-led research project’, which supported girls shifting power in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia. 

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Zine against violence

ActionAid embarked on a major campaign in 2019 – to get governments everywhere to ratify ILO Convention 190: the first international framework to end harassment and violence in the world of work.    

Teaming up with women lawyers, international trade unions, feminist activists and other charities, ActionAid UK campaigners held stunts and wrote to MPs calling on governments to act urgently.  

On 7 March 2022, the UK Government joined 19 other countries by ratifying ILO C. 190 with a view to implementing it in 2023.

This legislation will uphold the rights of everyone to a workplace safe from violence and harassment. 

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ActionAid Community Campaigner

Meet Feima

Feima Sannoh is a Community Campaigner with ActionAid.

"For me, volunteering at ActionAid is an opportunity to make a difference, to be a part of something bigger than myself and to contribute to a cause that I truly believe in."

ActionAid Community Campaigners at the parliamentary event for our girl-led research. ActionAid

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