Meet the man (and his dog) running 40 lockdown marathons

2 December 2020

At the age of 75, John is taking on a new challenge during the coronavirus pandemic, as he (and dog Rosie) are running 40 marathons to raise money for ActionAid.

John, running ten marathons during lockdown for ActionAid UK. Photo: actionaid

The coronavirus lockdown hasn't been easy for any of us. And from the cancellation of the London Marathon, to the closure of gyms and leisure centres, the 'new normal' has left many of us struggling to stay fit and active. 

But one incredible ActionAid supporter (and his dog, Rosie) have taken matters into their own hands. 

John is aiming to run a staggering 40 marathons during the period of lockdowns this year.

Why John's taking on a 40-marathon challenge

It's not the first time John has run a marathon to raise money for ActionAid. In fact, he's been running one every year since he was aged 60 - that's 15 years.

But this year's challenge had to be different.

John has already raised an incredible £1,372, He plans to keep on going in support of those struggling in poorer countries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The need is just as great overseas as here," he said.

Some people don’t have any means to wash their hands and certainly no means of social distancing. Women and children are subject to violence and at risk of assault. 

"We are all living in a new world and many of us terrified by the pandemic. Especially those of us who are older with health conditions. 

"We are so lucky to have our precious NHS to care for us in our darkest times. 

"So I am raising money for the efforts in the Global South to give them a chance to cope with the pandemic."

Donate to John's fundraiser

How he'll do it

John will be running his marathons in all weathers, within the government's lockdown guidelines - but he won't have to go it alone, as Rosie the dog will join him every step of the way.



John wears his medal from completing the Liverpool marathon in 2018 - his home city and first love. Photo: actionaid

John has now completed nearly 30 marathons already. He said, "I am finding it quite challenging and very tiring but exciting." 

Best of luck to John and Rosie - and thank you for your amazing support!

How you can fundraise during lockdown

If you'd like to support John's incredible 40-marathon challenge, please donate to his fundraiser here

And if you've been inspired to take up your own challenge, there are lots of ways to get involved - from running to baking to biking! Set up your JustGiving page to get started!

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