11 charity Christmas gifts for 2021 (that you can personalise!)

20 October 2021

Whether it’s a stocking filler, a secret Santa or classic goat gift for a loved one, our collection of charity Christmas gifts has something for everyone - from as little as £10!

Gifts in action breeding pair of goats

Our Gifts in Action collection includes something for everyone - including goat gifts and other farmyard friends. Photo: ActionAid

Looking for Christmas gift ideas that say something special, this year? 

Our Gifts in Action collection has something for everyone and - brand new for 2021 - you can now choose from six special greetings cards to personalise your gift. Opt for a printed card, an e-card, a print-at-home card or no card at all; you can even add your own special message and send it directly to the address of your choice. 

Your gift recipient will also receive details about how they're making a difference to the lives of women and girls living in poverty around the world. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit?

Please note: for guaranteed postal delivery in time for Christmas Day, please order by 12pm on Friday 17th December (or choose a print-at-home or e-card option and you can order right up until Christmas!)

  • 1 Goat gift (£30)

    It’s a classic for a reason! For just £30, this gift could help provide a goat for a family in Burundi. Thanks to the high-quality manure goats provide, your gift can help a farmer to grow vital crops.

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  • 2 Period kit gift (£12)

    In emergency situations, women and girls are often forced to improvise when managing their periods, which can be dangerous. That's why our period kit gift can provide essential supplies like sanitary pads, clean underwear and soap.

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  • 3 Shelter kit gift (£18)

    In emergency situations, families are often left without a home, or the materials they need for temporary shelter.

    That's why our shelter kit gift can provide a family with essentials like tarpaulins, so they can have a safe place to stay while they rebuild their lives.

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  • 4 Water gift (£25)

    In an emergency, having access to a clean, safe water supply makes all the difference. So for just £25, this classic water gift is the perfect way to give back (while you're giving!)

    It could supply a family with 75 litres of water to drink, cook or clean with.

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  • 5 Beehive gift (£35)

    Our beehive gift provides one farmer in Kenya with a beehive, which supports the nesting of honeybees while helping a woman and her family achieve financial security.

    So for just £35, you’ll be helping to support a woman’s sustainable future.

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  • 6 Piglet gift (£26)

    They’re cute and cuddly, but piglets also produce rich manure that can help improve a farmer’s crop yield. So when you buy our piglet gift, you’ll be support a farming family to achieve food security.

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  • 7 School materials gift (£30)

    There’s nothing more important than a good education, and for just £30 your school materials gift can make a difference to the lives of not one, but 10 children. This gift provides enough new books and pencils for all of them.

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  • 8 Essentials kit gift (£30)

    In a disaster or emergency situation, this essentials kit gift can provide the supplies a woman needs to stay safe, like clean clothes, underwear, menstrual products and a torch.

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  • 9 School uniform gift (£10)

    When children get the education they deserve, their whole lives can change!

    So make a huge difference to a child's future with our school uniform gift, which can help them continue going to school following a disaster or emergency.

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  • 10 Blankets gift (£19)

    When a family has lost everything in a disaster or emergency, this gift could provide four blankets to help them stay warm. You could make all the difference with this gift.

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  • 11 School backpack gift (£10)

    You could provide a child with a comfortable backpack so they can carry their books to school each day. What better way to support the future of a child living in poverty?

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Don't forget the Christmas cards!

While you’re shopping, don’t forget to browse our collection of fun and festive Christmas cards for 2021.

You’ll find packs of ten from as little as £3.99, and with every purchase you’ll be supporting ActionAid’s work with women and girls living in poverty around the world. Thank you!

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