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Meet Caritas. When Caritas became a widow she was forced to support her family on her own. ActionAid helped Caritas by training her in entrepeneurship, providing her with the skills needed to start her own business. 

With her training, Caritas is now economically stable and has invested in her own farming activities. She has been able to buy livestock, which has provided manure, and helped to increase the amount of food she can produce and sell. "I used to produce almost nothing, but now during farming season I employ 10 workers who I pay to support me with my farming."

Because of her increased income, Caritas has now been able to build a new house and installed a solar power system to provide her with electricity. Her two sons are now at school and she told us "With the support of ActionAid I have now gained self-respect at home and in my community."

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Caritas has been trained in entrepreneurship.

Fred Munyampeta/ActionAid

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Page updated 4 January 2023