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  • A house in a floating village in Pursat, Cambodia. The village also has a food processing station and a floating garden. Photo: Angkor Films/ActionAid

    Can we eradicate hunger and poverty without causing climate change?

    Posted in Blog on 25 May 2021

    Can we address hunger and eradicate poverty without the necessary rapid economic development usually required?

    Does the human pursuit of economic productivity inevitably mean the destruction of the planet? Our humanitarian lead Rachid Boumnijel doesn't think so. Find out how we can address poverty, provide food for the world's growing population, and still prevent climate change through sustainable development.

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  • 34-year-old Robaba is washing her children's hands and training them in washing techniques

    34-year-old Robaba is washing her children's hands and training them in washing techniques. Photo: Mubaraka Hussaini/ActionAid

    How Covid-19 is affecting child sponsorship during Ramadan

    Posted in Blog on 12 May 2021

    ActionAid's child sponsorship officers who work with children and local communities around the world discuss how Ramadan is different during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how child sponsorship this month and beyond help children and their families. 

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  • 31-year-old Nilufa and her daughter Tasfia received food packages from ActionAid when the Covid-19 pandemic hit Bangladesh. Photo: Bishu Chakraborty/ActionAid

    One year on: How I will be spending Ramadan during the ongoing Covid pandemic

    Posted in Blog on 26 April 2021

    One year on since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, Muslims around the world are marking another Ramadan quietly. 

    Find out how ActionAid's Tanbina Choudhury is practising her faith during this holy month and how those who observe Ramadan can get involved in charitable acts and build unity with those in need. 

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  • Climate change and sustainable fishing

    Posted 18 January 2021

    Find out about sustainable fishing and what ActionAid are doing to help people affected by overfishing and climate change.

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  • 67-year-old Asteria grow Irish potatoes, beans, and corn with the help of her ActionAid farmers' cooperative. Photo: Jean De la Croix Havugimana/ActionAid

    Climate change and agroecology

    Posted 11 January 2021

    Find out how agriculture is affecting climate change and how agroecology is helping change the lives of women and girls.

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  • “All we want is a job”

    Posted 28 May 2020

    The job and economy crisis is deepening around the world, thanks to coronavirus. But for the world's poorest people, livelihoods have disappeared over night. Find out how informal workers around the world are struggling with no jobs, no income and no food as the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll.

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