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  • Amina, 70, in Kenya was a proud owner of 75 goats, but she is now only left with two thanks to the drought in Kenya..

    Amina, 70, in Kenya was a proud owner of 75 goats, but she is now only left with two, thanks to the drought in Kenya. Photo: Fridah Bwari/ActionAid

    East Africa food crisis: No-one knows what tomorrow holds

    Posted in Blog on 27 June 2022

    ActionAid's Takaitei Bote is in Kenya this week to support the response to the food crisis in the country where millions of vulnerable people, especially women and girls are going hungry. Hear her first-hand account of what’s happening in Kenya.

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  • Horn of Africa drought 2022

    Once filled with over 150,000 barrels of water, this ActionAid-implemented earth dam in Somaliland is now completely dry due to drought. Photo: Daniel Jukes/ActionAid

    What will be the global impact of the war in Ukraine?

    Posted in Blog on 1 April 2022

    Find out the impact of the Russia/Ukraine war on the global economy, soaring food and energy prices and poverty around the world. How will the Ukraine war affect the Horn of Africa's worst drought on record?

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  • Climate change

    Posted 21 August 2020

    Find out about climate change, what it is, how it affects women and girls, and how the climate crisis is displacing entire communities around the world.

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  • Muslim children of Gujjar community reads Quran at Maswari madarsa in India. Photo: Raul Irani Kirmani/ActionAid

    How are Muslims observing Ramadan during the coronavirus crisis?

    Posted in Blog on 7 May 2020

    Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic is looking very different for Muslims around the world, and those with very little to begin with will suffer the most.

    Find out how our trustee Abdul Shiil is practising his faith during this holy month and how those of us who observe Ramadan can help this month and after. 

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  • Women are at the forefront of trying to alleviate hunger during the coronavirus crisis. Photo: ActionAid India

    Coronavirus: Millions facing hunger around the world

    Posted in Blog on 22 April 2020

    Vulnerable people in Africa, Asia and Latin America are facing a double emergency from hunger and Covid-19, as the pandemic is affecting food supply and shutting down livelihoods of millions who are already subsiding on very little. Find out how coronavirus is pushing people to hunger.

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  • In Zambia's Western Province, ActionAid is supporting the distribution of maize, beans and cooking oil. Photo: Fredrick Ntoka/ActionAid

    Southern Africa food crisis: the response in Zambia

    Posted in Blog on 28 February 2020

    ActionAid’s Gemma Bruley-Prince, returning from Zambia, describes the urgency of the Southern Africa food crisis, the response and the need for action now.

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