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  • Fahima, aged 11, from Ghana
    Fahima, aged 11, from Ghana

    Top tips on writing to your sponsored child

    Posted in Blog on 26 February 2018

    Time and time again children from around the world tell us how much they love to receive letters from you - their sponsors, their overseas friends. Children's laughter rings out as they look at the letters and photos delivered by our local staff. 

    It takes just a few minutes to write a letter - but the effect is everlasting. The friendship formed through child sponsorship is a powerful thing, and one of the reasons why I wanted to share with you the happiness your letters bring and encourage you to write.    

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  • Ayesha and her friends have been painting pictures for their sponsors at their playgroup in Bhakkar, Pakistan. "I did hand painting and it was fun. I feel joy when I do drawings for my sponsor," Ayesha told us

    "I love writing messages to my sponsor."

    Posted in Blog on 15 July 2016

    When you sponsor a child with ActionAid, you'll get two handwritten messages from them every year. Our staff collect these messages regularly from the children in their communities.​

    We make every message collection a special event for the children, and the whole community gets involved. For many children, it's the only opportunity they get to draw, paint, play and be creative.

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  • Girls at ActionAid's women- and child-friendly space in Pakistan's Sindh province, where they have literacy classes, counselling, vocational training, and toys and books


    Posted 8 December 2015

    Two thirds of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas, where 40 per cent of people live in poverty.

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