Thames Path Challenge

Escape the city on this beautiful riverside route: the Thames Path Challenge.


Thames Path Challenge facts


Get your relay on

Join as a relay team and do 25km each


Get refreshed

Enjoy free hot meals and drinks at regular rest stops en route


Get some support

From pace walkers, physios and medics and a massage at the end 

How your money helps

This is Girlie Macuja, who is 41 years old and has five children. She lives on Malalison Island in the Philippines, which has no basic health facilities. 

ActionAid consulted women on the island, who explained that they needed a boat ambulance to use if an emergency or disaster struck, to take patients to the nearest main city of Culasi. 

ActionAid helped the islanders to get a boat ambulance. Girlie says: 

The boat ambulance is a really big help to us here in Malalison. My mother was the second beneficiary of the boat when she had a heart attack, she fell down and her head was bleeding. That's why we needed to rush her to the hospital using the boat."

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Girlie with her five-month-old baby Gilvic.

McRobert Nacario/ActionAid



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Top image: Woman takes on the Thames Path Challenge / Ultra Challenge.

Page updated 30 September 2021