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Our collection of gifts is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and even saying thank you to teachers at the end of term.

  • Beehive (£35)

    By providing a farmer in Kenya with a beehive, you can support the nesting of honeybees while helping a woman and her family achieve financial security

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  • Period kit (£12)

    Our period kits contain supplies like sanitary pads, clean underwear and soap, to help women and girls manage their periods safely and comfortably.

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  • Goat gift (£30)

    A lack of quality soil and seeds has made it difficult for families in Burundi to grow vital crops. Supplying them with a goat, which can provide high-quality manure, can bring food security to their communities and transform people's lives.

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  • School uniform (£10)

    Help ensure that a child doesn't miss out on receiving an education simply because they don't have the right clothes. This gift provides a girl or boy with the uniform they need to attend school.

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How your support makes a difference

When you buy one of ActionAid's Gifts in Action, you can help a woman or girl like Shaher, from Aghanistan. 

Before ActionAid worked in her community, she didn't have the skills or opportunity to earn a living and help provide for her family. 

"ActionAid provided me the opportunity," she said. We supported Shaher with the training and equipment needed to start beekeeping, and she now earns enough money to contribute to household income, buy clothes for her children and pay for their education. 

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Top image: Choose a breeding pair of goats for a friend or family member. ActionAid

Page updated 17 August 2021